Artisanal salt production

Salt production in Aveiro Portugal.
Known as the “Portuguese Venice” thanks to the rivers that cut its territory, Aveiro has cultural riches that are also due to abundant salt production. In the town, it is possible to find shops selling various cosmetics, all made from the region’s salt. With handmade methods, the raw material used in these beauty products is processed in a 100% natural way, guaranteeing the quality and the benefits to the skin. The visitor can also try the innovative seaweed bath salts, used in thalassotherapy – treatment that is based on the therapeutic use of sea water.
Solar salinas are man-made systems exploited for the extraction of salt, by solar and wind evaporation of seawater. In Aveiro, the salt production is achieved by traditional and handmade methods. These Salinas produce ” fleur de sel”; a salt rich in minerals, with a particular taste and high market value
In  Troncalhada salina, at Aveiro outskirts, you can see the hard work men do in the salinas and you can even talk to them while they are working. They explain everything to you and let you touch and feel the raw salt.

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