London locked down

Saturday, my last round to the city before put myself in isolation. It was a silent London, a unique opportunity to photograph this crowded city this way. If it wasn’t for very serious reasons I would say, it was beautiful. Not many cars, no street artists, nothing, just a strange silence, there’s an invisible andContinue reading “London locked down”

The Lloyd’s building

The Lloyd’s building in London, designed by Sir Richard Rogers and completed in 1986 is the home of the Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest insurance firms. It is that sort of buildings that you love or hate it but doesn’t let you indifferent. I had the pleasure of going inside once andContinue reading “The Lloyd’s building”

London Underground

Probably you would not expect to see a post about the London Tube in a Photography site I guess, but yes, Tube is not just rush, crowds, trains delayed, signal failures, if you look around you may find many interesting things in the trains, tunnels and Stations, not all beautiful I know, but interesting, different.