Ruin Bars, Budapest

Ruin bars are central to Budapest’s contemporary culture and became one of the must-visit attractions of the Hungarian capital. Located mainly in the old Jewish ghetto, this neighborhood quickly deteriorated after the 1944-45 Nazi occupation of Budapest and the subsequent deportation of the residents.
These places are literally built from ruins of dilapidated old buildings transformed in Bohemian and funky bars. The interior is simple, full of old and mismatching furniture, walls usually decorated in eclectic and/or contemporary style, making the atmosphere somewhat chaotic but enjoyable, fascinating.
Ruin Pubs are usually not only bars, most of them provides place for contemporary exhibitions, film screening, theatre performances, and concerts.
These photos were taking in a weekday afternoon to avoid the crowds, in “Szimpla Kert”, the mecca of ruin bars. Szimpla became a quirky bohemian hub with the sprawling of interiors and courtyards with colorful kitsch fairy lights, mismatched vintage furniture and peeling paint. Its chaos and eclecticism has turned it into one of the world’s most famous bars, probably the coolest place I have ever been.

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