A sort of normality

Back home for summer holiday, this year extended on working from home till the beginning of September.
After three months of isolation it is a great feeling being here and seeing my family again. Things in Portugal are not too bad, other than some outbreaks in Lisbon the Country has a low rate of new infections, specially in the North, however the UK Government placed Portugal out of the travel corridors, The thing is I feel much safer here than in London. People with masks everywhere. Police patrol beaches and as soon as you leave the sand you have to put a mask on, and people do it, youth and adults. In Restaurants, you put the mask before leaving the table, menus are electronic to avoid touch, sanitiser gel everywhere, You cannot enter a supermarket or shop without a mask. When I see this, comparing with what I have seen over the last months in London, it feels another world, but, again, UK Government thinks Uk is safer than Portugal.

Published by Jonatas

London based Photography enthusiast and traveller.

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