Travels on hold

5 months after my last travel, here I am seated in an airport lounge waiting for a flight. It feels like an eternity. It is a mix of feelings, in one hand I am excited to be with my son and family again, on the other hand I am worried. Although I feel alright and for the last three months I haven’t been in touch with no one else other than strictly necessary, but if I catch this virus in the airport or flight I will pass on my family! I cannot focus on my book and closed it. Here I am, seated and surrounded by empty seats with “Do not use this seat” signals on them. I could never have imagined going through this, like a movie, a scary one.
Luton Airport is half empty, a ghost place. Most of the shops are closed, shelves and products wrapped in plastic, like if we had been victims of a bacterial war attack. It is shocking, a bit disturbing, and that spoils your happiness to go and visit your loved ones.
When is it going to end? When are we going to have our lives back? What is coming next? Is this going to be better or worse?

Published by Jonatas

London based Photography enthusiast and traveller.

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