Miss you dad!

Today is father’s day and I would like to tell you about him, the person who influenced me more in my life.
He was a protestant pastor, a teacher, writer, poet, musician, but above all he was a simple man with a massive generosity who loved the small things in life, always grateful for what he had, a traveller also with a deep love for Africa although he never lived there, but visited many times. From him I inherited a passion for photography when he gave to me my first camera, a Pentax K1000, when I was young, camera I still have next to his in my room. To be happy he just needed his family around him, nothing more.
Nine years ago, Alzheimer’s stole him, cruelly, after sucking his brain. Only two months before his death we were watching a Chelsea game together on TV and he said to me “look, this is in your Country”, he loved teasing me about UK, saying “a tua terra” (your Country), minutes after he looked at me for a long time and asked my name… that was one of the most difficult moment of my life. I left the house, came outside and I cried like a child. Two months later he passed away, peaceful, keeping his sense of humour till the last minute and I wasn’t there to say goodbye, I was away in London, fighting for a better life. Forgive me dad I wasn’t near you, I miss you so much!

Published by Jonatas

London based Photography enthusiast and traveller.

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