Thank you Covid

Some say, we have been through other situations and this is just another one, I couldn’t disagree more, we live an unprecedented time, we are seeing history happening, Covid will mark modern history.
Have a look at the headlines only few months ago, the entire world seemed to walk on a dangerous and irrational path towards to the precipice. The planet was suffocating, crying for help but the powerful countries refused to slow down, they couldn’t stop production, indifferent to the mother earth’s cry. Everywhere the nationalism, hate, intolerance, xenophobia and racism were rising, like if we had stepped back generations. Americans, Iranians, Russians, the World was on a verge of a third World War. Any UN resolution, The Pope, Obama or Dalai Lama teachings were making any difference, the madness seemed unstoppable… no one was able to change it, but Covid came…silent and changed everything. Suddenly Donald Trump stopped threatening Iran, he forgot the Mexicans and his Wall too. The Iranians forgot US. In Europe, Catalans found themselves suffering with their brothers in Madrid, no one cares about independence right now, Brexiters forgot EU and immigrants. For once, Muslim, Christian, Indus, are united in the same prayer. We see isolated Italians singing together with their neighbours from the balconies, people cheering and clapping NHS doctors and nurses, neighbours stop by to ask if we are well and if we need anything, and I have done the same. Who could imagine that only a few months ago? These days, the front pages and social media stars are no longer socialites, singers, actors or football players flaunting themselves, the heroes now are doctors, nurses, dying to help others. Covid came and put everything on the right place. Isn’t this incredible?
Meanwhile mother earth started to breath, the Chinese that though they could not stop the production, they were forced to do so, in Venice the horde of tourists left and fish was seen again in the canals. This world was needed of a awakening, a shake, and Covid gave it. I think there will be a before Covid and after Covid and I think the world after Covid will be, could be, a better place. I want to believe on that. A world that learned we are all part of the same body, if we want to survive we have to stay and walk together. A world of solidarity, more tolerant, less individualist, less futil, more conscious. I really believe on that but when I hear the President of Brazil and United States talk, when I see the violence and abuse in US I quite lose my hope, but I want to keep believing many will change. I know I may be dreaming, but as John Lennon sang ‘ You may say I’m a dreamer… 🎵 But I’m not the only one… 🎵
‘Thank you Covid. You can leave now.

Published by Jonatas

London based Photography enthusiast and traveller.

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