Visiting Sicily is a great experience.
Some say Sicilians are bipolar and it seems quite true. We meet very friendly and hospitable Sicilians and we meet some quite grumpy but overall  they are nice.


Sicilian are terrible drivers, they park on the sidewalks, they pass through when the light is red, they don’t use turn signals and they speed through pedestrian walkways.


Sicily was home of one of the most dangerous criminal organization, the Sicilian Mafia well known as Cosa Nostra and the most known movie,  “The Godfather” was filmed in here.  When you walk through those narrow streets in Syracuse you cannot stop of thinking about that.

Catania view from Taormina
Greek Theatre of Taormina
Taormina Train Station
Castelmola near Taormina

I found an interesting list of things we should never say to a Sicilian:
– Why do you always talk with your hands?
– I prefer French wine
– Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend? (this one is curious)
– Why don’t you speak English?
– Did you vote for Berlusconi?
– I cana speaka Italian! Cappuccino, pizza, pasta…
– Is your family in the mafia?

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