Visiting Cuba is a Time travel, is going back to the sixties. This may be selfishness of us but it is such a fantastic experience. The Country needs a lot of investment in infrastructures specially and we feel sorry for the conditions these people live but don’t be mistaken, Cuban may live in poverty but they are not crying and feeling miserable. Although they dream of the end of US embargo they are happy about what they can have, still very proud of their country and history. I wish the very best for this lovely Country and people.

Fieles a nuestra Historia – Faithful to our history
Everything is so unconstrained, so natural in Cuba
This old man is still working. Very early in the morning they lay down the rice on the roads to dry up, and afternoon, under the fierce hot and humidity they collect it and put it in bags to the lorries pick them up before night. How hard is this?

I would love to go back and visit Cuba again, maybe I will.

Published by Jonatas

London based Photography enthusiast and traveller.

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