Auschwitz, Let’s not forget

Years ago I went to Auschwitz. I cannot describe what I felt on that place. I was with two friends but soon after we arrived no one could articulate a single word and we did split and visited on our own. It was too much. Back to Krakow on the train that afternoon, many hours later, we manage to start talking. It was an experience I will never forget. Getting inside the gas cameras, seeing the carpets made out of woman hair, the toys taken from children before being killed, the bags, toothbrushes,  the execution wall, everything was too real, too shocking, too revolting. How could this have happened? How could a man managed to grab millions on his insanity? How could German people, soldiers, agree and follow those orders without remorse? How could those military go back home to their families after a day in this place doing such things to human beings? How could many countries fill trains with men, woman, children and sent them to be exterminated like animals?

This place and journey was the most difficult thing I ever photographed. Many things I didn’t have enough strength to raise my camera. Many things I am not able to share.

“If the Holocaust fades from memory, it can happen again”.

Published by Jonatas

London based Photography enthusiast and traveller.

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